Basic Driver Improvement Ticket FAQs

I received a ticket in Florida and want to take traffic school, what do I do?

Within 30 days, you must inform the clerk of court in the county where you received the ticket that you would like to take basic driver improvement. You must also pay an "election" fee to the clerk of court.

Do I have to pay any fines if I complete traffic school?

Yes. If you do not know the amount, or it is not stated on your ticket, the Traffic Division of the Clerk of Court in the county where you received your citation will be able to provide the information on your fine.

Will taking a basic driver improvement course (BDIC) give me any discount on my ticket fines?

No. However, effective January 1, 2019, upcoming Florida legislature changes, will allow drivers who complete a BDIC to receive a 9% discount on their citation amount. Visit the Florida Senate website for more details about this legislation update.

What benefits will I receive after taking basic driver improvement?

If you complete traffic school as the result of 1 basic moving violation, you will receive the following:

  • Your insurance premium will not increase and
  • Your insurer cannot cancel your policy unless you were at fault
  • Points will not be added to your record

How many times can I take traffic school?

You can take Florida traffic school once in a year period, but no more than 5 total times.

What do I do after getting my certificate?

You need to provide the completion certificate to the Clerk's office in the county where you received your citation. Each county clerk may have different requirements, so be sure to contact them first to find out.

What are the points for tickets in Florida?

Moving Violations3 points
Speeding 15 mph or less over speed limit3 points
Speeding more than 15 mph over speed limit4 points
Passing stopped school bus4 points
Moving violation (non-speeding) resulting in an crash4 points
Unlawful speed resulting in a crash6 points
Reckless driving4 points
Leaving scene of crash with damage6 points
Littering3 points
Violation of child restraint laws3 points

4-Hour Traffic School (BDI/TCAC)

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